Friday, August 12, 2011

The Yeast Beast. Part Two.

Ya know, I have been dreading this blog entry. I have been putting it off simply because I don't want to write about yeast or candida. If you have dealt with a yeast infection in your life (especially with a baby too) then you'll know what I mean. Once the battle is over, you just want to forget about it and stop thinking about it, which means, I've not wanted to write about it. But I want to conclude this because we got rid of it naturally! YAY! And often people struggle with yeast for a long time. So maybe this can help.

Our battle started here The Yeast Beast. Part One. So you may want to read part one before continuing.
Things got MUCH better fast after we got home and I saw my naturopath, Catherine. (If you live in the Winnipeg area and would like to see her, I'll be glad to pass on her info.) She wasn't surprised that I got in to this mess. She gave me 3 different kinds of acidophilus, one VERY strong one, one pretty strong one, and one strong but not as strong as the others. Catherine encouraged me to stay on a no sugar, gluten and dairy diet. Basically the Candida diet, which is like the Paleolithic diet. When I studied these diets at the beginning of all this, it was overwhelming. It seemed like so many restrictions and that there was hardly anything I could eat. But it's really about what works for YOU! So, after talking to Catherine I brought back coconut milk and brown rice and organic oats (the ones that take like half hour to cook, lol) to my diet, which was good because I had read so many places that these were restricted, which means I was pretty much only eating fruits and veg. I was never really satisfied. It was driving me bonkers! So yay, bringing back coconut milk, brown rice and oats brings SO MANY other recipes to the table! Basically, drink water often and just cut out refined foods!

Refined sugars include sweet substances that have been processed and milled to the point that the sugar particles are extremely fine. When refined sugars are eaten, the sugars are able to quickly enter the blood stream. This can spike the blood sugar, causing the body to feel instantly energized. Unfortunately, the energy received from refined sugars is short-lived, and will cause a sudden energy drop shortly afterward. When the energy level drops so suddenly, it causes the body to crave more sugars in order to compensate for the energy loss. This cycle leads to the consumption of excess calories, which can lead to weight gain and obesity. Refined sugars include white sugar, corn syrup, refined honey and refined maple syrup. Instead of using refined sugars, chose whole-food sweeteners, such as raw honey or black strap molasses.
Refined flours have been milled so much that nearly all of the nutritional value has been lost. Many refined flours are fortified in order to compensate for the loss of vitamins and minerals. Refined flours are very fine in texture, and enter the blood stream as quickly as refined sugars, causing the same spike and drop in energy levels. Refined flours include white flour and products created with white flour, such as pastries, cookies, cakes and crackers. Choose whole-grain flours and baked goods that are minimally refined, instead of refined white flour products.
Refined produce include vegetables and fruits that have been cooked to the point that most of the vitamins, fiber and minerals have been lost, and canned. Using canned vegetables and fruits in recipes and in meals will not nourish the body and will cause the body to not have enough fiber to maintain proper digestion. Eating a great deal of processed and refined vegetables and fruits can lead to malnutrition and constipation. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables that still retain their nutrient levels and fiber, instead of refined, canned produce.
Adelaide continued with her acidophilus and we bought a jar of 'Baby Got Back' which has tea tree oil in it which kills yeast. Smother it on baby's butt whenever you put them in a diaper. We got a pack of disposables until this was dealt with because yeast can live inside the cloth diaper, so you need to treat/sterilize your diapers. Here's how you do it:

Cold wash with Tea Tree Oil (3-4 drops)
Hot wash with an oxygen cleaner (Vaska OxygenBleach or Bio Kleen Oxygen Bleach Plus are options)
Lay out in sun or dry on high heat.

So that may seem like a lot of stuff, but it's not really. It's basically...we all take acidophilus, and we just eat healthier by eating fresh fruits and veg and proper grains! Ta-da! Refined foods haven't been around for very long, if you think about it, humans have been around for tens of thousands of years, so we JUST introduced all these processed foods high in sugars and chemicals to our bodies in the last few hundred years, and the food is getting more refined and artificial unless you make a real effort. So it's no wonder so many people suffer from health problems. Seriously, how many people do you know that are really "healthy" (whatever that really means)? You are what you eat aren't you? Your brain uses the food you give it. If you give your body crap, well, then your just full of crap! And that can make things in life more difficult for you in SO many ways. So I can't stress it enough...go back to basics whenever you can. Most of all, cut that sugar out! If you don't think you have a sugar addiction, I dare you to go just 5 days without ANY sugar. And no you can't have substituted sugars like aspartame or sucrose. Good luck.
If you are having trouble with recipe ideas including desserts, then stay tuned! I have sugar free, gluten free and dairy free recipes with photos coming your way SOON!