Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My cat, Catface!

Catface's favourite things...

Catface loves boxes. All boxes.
Catface loves drinking the water from the tuna can. He won't eat any other foods except for his cat food, and my Dad's mashed potatos.
Catface HAS to be in the bathroom with you if you are in the shower or in the bath. He MUST sit on the side of the tub, and if your in the bath, he bats water around, and once in a while reaches out and scratches you just because.
Catface doesn't like it outside, not even in the apartment hallway, and he especially hates it if you put him on a leash. Although, once in a while he will sneak out of the apartment and lose himself on one of the 4 floors until I find him. That is usually hours later, so he will come back inside shaking with fear...but don't worry, he'll try it again a few weeks later.
Catface likes to play hide n' seek/chase.
Catface will hide behind corners and attack you from whatever hight he's at for no reason.
Catface always needs a cuddle first thing in the morning. He MUST be under the covers and head on my pillow.
Catface will climb anything, even if that means he has to break a few items on the way.
I heart Catface.

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Jess Bays said...

Your Cat Is Sooooo Cute, Sis! I Love Him To Bits! =]