Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twenty Four Hours To Go

Honeymoon, here we come!! Okay, so it's officially 24 hours until we check in at the airport. My husband and I are off to London for one week, and then to India!! Our first week in India we'll be staying with a family that has a farm in Gujarat. They grow potatoes, tobacco and mangoes. I will get to eat a perfectly ripe mango right off the tree! After the farm we'll be heading off to see the rest of India. We'll go North then all the way East and then all the way South and then back up North to Mumbai. We're not entirely sure the root we'll take, but we do know we'll be going into the jungle on elephants to see Bengal Tigers and rhinos and lions! We're hoping to see baby sea turtles hatching too. There have been blue whale sitings in Orissa! What I would do to see a blue whale...they are like the brontosaurus of today...sooooooo big! Aside from the landscapes and wildlife (which is my favourite part) we'll get a taste of the big overwhelming cities. I have been to Buenos Aries, I have been and lived in London...but I hear that Mumbai is something else. I can't wait. The people, the bright colours, the culture, the food, the warmth!! It's all too much. I will update with photos and stories when I can!


Photo taken by Bertha Sawatzky with a Holga using 120 film.

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McLaren said...

Aaaahhhhhhh Heather! So excited for you guys!! I will be checking the blog daily, like usual, and can't wait for whatever you'll be able to post!!! Be safe and have fun!