Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's A Bear!!

A few weeks back me and a friend drove to Saskatoon. On our way there we saw something running in the field as we were driving to Pelly (to pick up another friend who was also coming to Saskatoon.) Realizing it was a bear I slammed on the brakes and hit reverse to get really close. We jumped out of the car and watched him. Seeing a bear in the wild is pretty exhilarating!! I grabbed my camera and starting walking closer to him so I could get a better shot! Sometimes I seem to forget that some animals don't want to cuddle, lol. He didn't really seem threatening (but really, what do I know, lol.) He looked young and he was all by himself, he was frantically running around in the field before darting across the highway towards a wooded area. I wondered where his mother was because he didn't look that old and I thought that the mother kept her cubs for 2 years before they go off on their own.
Here are the photos from that really wonderful moment!


Carrie (Akula) said...

Beautiful pictures! What a rare wonderful moment.

Heather Bays said...

Thank you! Next I would like to run into a moose, lol...but I think that that is even more rare then a black bear.