Tuesday, July 6, 2010

19 Weeks...Half Way There!

So, a fetus is considered full term at 38 weeks, which means, we are half way there...unless I pop early! All this time I felt like I was climbing a hill and now that I have reached 19 weeks, I can start my way back down. Of course if the baby is overdue, which is anytime after 40 weeks, I will be waiting at the bottom of the hill standing still...so maybe I will bring a tent, lol.
We are slowly collecting things we need thanks to close family and friends who have children and kept all the stuff their kids grew out of. Babies hardly use anything because they grow so fast. My sister gave us this pretty bassinet which is mint green. Bassinets are so sweet. I wish babies could sleep in them longer then they can, but thanks to my parents, we'll have a crib to upgrade to. Though, my cats seem to really like the bassinet, lol. (These 2 pictures can be enlarged if you just click them!)

Sometime is the next couple weeks we will be heading back to Health Science Centre for hopefully our last ultrasound which will have more detail on the anatomy of our baby. We'll also find out the sex of the baby then too. I had another dream last night that it was a boy, but we'll see...
After the ultrasound I will be going back to see my homeopathic and naturopathic doctor to detox me from the ultrasound and to see how my vitamin levels are. I have started taking a teaspoon of cod liver oil everyday and I must admit...it's one of the grossest things I have ever swallowed, but thank god for B12 spray because I just breath out of my mouth for a while until the B12 is absorbed and then swallowed so I can't taste or smell lemony cod anymore, only spearmint from the B12. But cod liver oil is good for brain development in fetuses and makes for smarter babies! Not to mention all the GREAT things it does for YOU! You'll know cod liver oil is a good natural healthy brand when you stick it in the freezer and the oil doesn't freeze. I was told the 2 best kinds are by Carlson's and Nordic Naturals (which is the one I use. I bought it at the vitamin store on Corydon Ave called 'Thrive'.)
Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


GracieM said...

I need to see you in person! Lets all get together soon!

Jessica said...

Hi Heather! This is your creepy stalker again, haha! I was just wondering if you would mind sharing some mommy-to-be advice. :) How did you go about finding your homeopathic and naturopathic doctor? And what made you think you needed one? I'm also pregnant, only 13 weeks though so I'll kind of be following in your footsteps through this whole exciting process! I've been thinking about seeking medical advice besides my obstetrician, as he doesn't really give me much information other than, "don't worry, everything's fine!". Thanks in advance for your help, my e-mail address is jesssie@shaw.ca!