Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Felting Beads!

Right now I am working on making beads for necklaces which I will be selling at the art sale at the Cre8ery on November 22! If you want to come out to the sale, it's located at 125 Adelaide St in the Exchange District and you will be able to view and buy the work of many many artists! If you have facebook, there is an events page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/event.php?eid=32714503026

Now, if you want to make felt beads, here's how you do it...
Get yourself some yarn that is 100% wool. You can also by loose wool.

I took the wool and measured it to my arm length. For beads to be the same size you have to be consistent with the amount of wool you use, so I measured my arms length for this specific size that we're making today.

Take the long piece of measured wool and fold it in half, then cut. Fold it in half again, and cut again, and then do that one more time. Now you should have 8 strips all about the same length.

Take a piece of thread and tie the strips together as shown above.

Now twist the yarn and separate each piece.

Now you should have something that looks like curly doll hair. Start pulling apart the strings and meshing them together. You want to make the wool light and fluffy.

After the wool is fluffy (the fluffier and softer it is, the better the bead) cup it in your hands to form a ball shape, like a bunny tail.

Place the ball of fluff is warm soapy water. It's best to do it in a sink because it gets messy. Also, try NOT to use an anti-bacterial soap because they are bad for the environment.

Now take the wet blob-ball in your hands and start rolling it as if you are making a snowman with play-dough. Keep rolling and rolling until you have a bead.
TIP: If it came out lumpy, try to frizz and mesh the wool more before putting it in water, or, don't roll so hard when forming the bead.

And that's how you make beads. They will take up to 2 days to dry, so put them somewhere safe away from kittens who will likely steal them cuz they think the beads are toys.

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