Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gotta Love Baby Shoes!

I am now 23 weeks. Time is flying by! I can't believe HOW much my belly has grown and I'm finding it impossible to imagine what it will be like in the 9th month!! She has been extremely active lately and her punches and kicks have way more power to them now. Good thing I have been doing my kegels because those bladder kicks can catch you by surprise! I have also been experiencing round ligament pain mainly in my lower belly...OUCH! And I have felt a few braxton hick contractions as my uterus is practicing for the big event. They don't hurt too much (yet) but my belly gets really hard for a few moments.
The doctor gave me the a-okay for the ultrasound and said that if I was concerned about the health of the baby still, then they could do another ultrasound at about 30 weeks, but he said there was no reason to think there was a problem. I think I will pass on that ultrasound. I am sure everything is fine and as I have mentioned in my past posts that I don't believe ultrasounds are the safest for babies. I have also heard that many women who go for that later ultrasound end up having the baby early and I would like to avoid that if I can. We are moving to Toronto in 3 weeks and would like to be able to make it back to Winnipeg for the birth and we plan on coming back here when I am about 38 weeks...but as we all know, babies come when THEY want, lol.

I have started crocheting baby shoes! They are so adorable!! These are for newborns to 3 months and they are now available in my online shop!!

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