Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Manitoba to Ontario to 3rd Trimester.

Yikes, it's been over a month since my last post. What can I say, we were busy. We have packed up and moved out of Winnipeg. We will be moving in to our new apartment in Toronto this Friday, Sept 10th. I am excited about settling in a new place. Change is good. It's refreshing and inspiring. When you stay in the same place too long you become blind, so I am excited to see again!
For now, we are visiting my family in Rosseau. We drove for 2 days to get here, through Ontario around Lake Superior. What a beautiful drive. I would like to do that drive again but with more time so I can photograph the landscape and the wildlife. Since we had 3 cats in the car with us, we wanted to get to out destination ASAP. And having just started my 3rd trimester, I didn't want to spend too many days in a car.
My cousin (who we are staying with) has a friend who does henna work, so in celebration of my 3rd trimester, she did some beautiful henna art work on my belly. I love it. It should stay for about 2-3 weeks.

As of today, I am 28 weeks pregnant. I am still feeling fabulous. Maybe a little tired and some days I need a nap, but I can still touch my toes!! I experience practice contractions multiple times throughout my days which they call Braxton Hicks, but ya know, I just hate that they are called Braxton Hicks so I can't bring myself to call them that, lol. The baby is very active and getting stronger all the time. She sometimes gets hiccups which makes my belly jump rhythmically. The backache can be pretty bad, but my husband massages my back every day...thank goodness!
I am reading a book called 'Birthing From Within' which is great and helps me get more comfortable with the idea of pushing a baby out of my hoo-ha! It brings you back to a primal way of thinking about child birth instead of the medical way we look at it today. As I get deeper in to the book I will write more about it.


Kali said...

Love that you called it your hoo-ha! Giggle. She will get a kick out of reading that one day. I can see it now... "Mooooooooooooommm! As if you wrote that!"

Heather Bays said...

Ha ha ha!!!! Vagina just seemed so crass, lol.

duck said...

I am so glad you are reading Birthing From Within. As I read it I keep picturing you.lol I love the idea of calling them practice contractions. We had a very difficult week of going back and for to the hospital with very very intense practice contractions, which the nurses kept calling "false" labour. There was nothing false about how much work it was to get through them for three days. :-P Anyway I think I will take on your terminology. Out with Braxton Hicks and "false" labour, and in with Practice contractions!
The belly looks fabulous by the way. Lovely.

leezle said...

oh man. I miss you a whole bunch