Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Boy, 30 Weeks!!

So, I have reached 30 weeks. I don't know where the time is going, but it is flying by. I can't believe that sometime in the next 8 to 12 weeks we will have a new person added to our family. It's so surreal for me sometimes. I am overjoyed and anxious and a little terrified...I imagine these are all normal feelings for first time parents. I have been raised around children and babies my whole life, so this should be no problem...but when it's YOUR OWN child, it's a little different. Sometimes I wonder if I know what I am going to do with this little person when she gets here. Obviously I will feed her, clothe her, love her, etc. But I've never been a mother before (other then to 3 spoiled cats) so as time is ticking closer and closer to that due date, I am trying to educate myself in the areas I lack confidence.
My husband and I start a couple prenatal classes at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto in October. I feel like they it might be full of obvious information, but hey, if anything, it will boost our confidence, and it will better prepare my husband who has never changed a diaper before.
I continue to read books on childbirth, preferably natural childbirth. I have been reading this blog too, which I find enjoyable.
I have found a midwife from Seven Generations and I have my first appointment coming up. We are going to go ahead with the plan to have a homebirth, but if our minds change and we decide that we're more comfortable in a birthing centre (oh how our society has put fear in us), Sunnybrook has just renovated and opened their new and improved birthing centre. So if you want a virtual tour of the place, click HERE. My midwife would be with me of course and a doctor can step in only if she feels it's necessary, but I am sure since everything has been running smoothly, everything will go just fine. I just have to trust myself, trust my body and of course have a great support system (which I have.)
I have such beautiful light in my new apartment in Toronto, so I had a fun photoshoot. It's important to me to document my pregnancy through photos. Maternity photos are some of my favourites to shoot. Before I was pregnant I thought pregnant ladies were SO cute and it was hard to understand how some people feel unattractive when their pregnant, but as I sit here with a large 3 pound eggplant sized baby in my belly, I completely understand. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable and unattractive, especially as I run out of clothes that fit properly, as all you other beautiful pregnant mama's have probably felt. My veins are more noticeable, I have what looks like cottage cheese growing on my butt and thighs and sometimes I get weird red bumps on my belly. But, when you look at maternity photos, man, pregnancy is a beautiful sexy thing. I have a collection of maternity photos here on my Facebook page, so become a fan and take a look!!


GracieM said...

You look so amazing Heather! You're going to be a really beautiful mom.

Heather Bays said...

Thanks Grace. Too kind. This belly is growing and growing. Hard to imagine getting much bigger, but I seem to be pretty small for 7 and a half months, but I guess it weighs the about the same and that's the part that's tiring! She moves like crazy now and you can see limbs pushing alien-like and kinda weird, lol.

Rosemarie said...

I can't believe how fast your pregnancy seems to be going! I feel like mine is dragging on and on and yours is zipping along. Your pictures are amazing! You're right, I think pregnancy always looks better on someone else than on yourself, probably because I know how uncomfortable I'm getting despite how cute it may look to the outside world :p
It sounds like you've got everything all lined up for having your girl! Where ever you decide to have her will be the right thing for your family. Have fun at your classes!

Heather Bays said...

Well, you are due like 4 weeks before me! I bet after you have yours, time will start to drag for me as I get more uncomfortable. I just noticed this morning that I am getting that line down my belly. I can almost feel and see my belly growing a bit more everyday. It seems to take forever to get the belly and then all of a sudden it doesn't stop and gets bigger faster and faster. I am almost done that book, 'Birthing From Within'...SO GOOD!! I will for sure talk more about it in my upcoming blog. Hope you are well Rose...if I was there in Winnipeg I would beg to take your maternity photos...rats!