Monday, November 8, 2010

Full Term...We Made It!

We made it! Today I am full term...37 weeks, which means baby can come at any time! Since I am planning a home birth, this is fantastic news, because had I gone in to labour any earlier then this, I would have had to go to the hospital. So, phew! She is still in. I don't think she'll be making her debut anytime soon, but you never know. We still have 3 more weeks to wait until the actual due date. But if she decides to come before the 29th, I will be THRILLED! I am ready to have this baby out of me and in our lives. Well, not really yet, lol. The birthing pool hasn't been delivered, I haven't unpacked much of her stuff, and I don't have any disposable diapers, just cloth at the moment. So I would like to get a pack of disposables so I won't have to do laundry in the first week while me and baby heal and rest! My midwife last measured me 2 days ago and she said I was measuring 2 cms on the small side. She said that doesn't mean much considering all women and babies are different. I have yet to find a stretch mark though, so that's great news. In the photo above I have placed some clothes in the position that the baby is laying. I am getting more excited and more anxious and scared with every passing day. I know I can do this...I just don't want to...but I have to. There is no turning back. Once the actual labour and delivery is over I will be relieved. Keep your eye on the prize right, lol!
Julians' Grandma Bargen sent us a parcel with some baby things like socks, a book, some of her yummy cookies and some cloth diapers along with the AMAZING blanket she made for our baby! I am so in love with it. It's so soft!
This is the front.

And this is the back.

I have also pulled out some of her shoes that I started collecting when I found out I was pregnant. I just love baby shoes, they are too precious!

These 2 are my favourites. They are old european style shoes that cost me all of 50 cents! I got them from the MCC in Steinbach, Manitoba. I really love that place!

I continue to bake and crochet. I wish the cleaning part of "nesting" would kick in, LOL. Here are some more crocheted items I have made this week. Bah! They are so cute.
These are black booties with light pink vintage buttons for babies age 6-9 months.

These are milk chocolate brown booties with seafoam vintage buttons for babies age 3-6 months.

These are navy blue high top booties with brown ties for babies age 3-6 months.

These hats are so sweet and elegant! Vintage style crocheted baby hat for newborns to 3 months. Snow white with a red lace ribbon and bow!

And this one is red wine with a sage green ribbon and bow. This one I am keeping for myself and I will take some gorgeous photos of my baby in it when she gets here. She's gonna think her mother is a one-eyed robot because I am certain I won't be able to stop photographing her!

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