Thursday, February 17, 2011

Farewell Dear Squishy!

 Our little Squishy (formerly known as Shere Khan) is moving in with his girlfriend.  It's sort of an arranged girlfriend since he's never met her yet, but I think he's pretty excited.  He gets picked up tomorrow.  We are sad but it's for the best. 
 Moving from our big apartment in Winnipeg to a smaller place in Toronto and adding a baby to the mix has made things difficult.  Three cats, one baby and two adults in a small place is, well, squishy, lol.  We'll keep our other 2 cats for the time being and see how that goes, but we may need to find better homes for them too. 
For now, the cat that was once a kitten that we intended to find a home for in the first place will now be moving.  I'm both happy and sad but so thankful he's going to a good home, it makes the guilt less intense!  Have a good life little Squish.  We'll miss you.  xoxoxoxox.

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