Thursday, March 10, 2011

Four Months.

This is rather unbelievable to me, but Adelaide is 4 months old today. The time is going scary fast. It's incredible watching a tiny human learn the simplest of things. When she does something new, I lose my shit over it. I get SO excited for her, and she often looks at me like I'm crazy, ha ha ha.
A few weeks ago I feel like we entered a stage of double time. Like, she is learning SO fast. Everyday I feel like she does something new. She's really becoming a person with likes and dislikes. Who interacts with the world around her. You can really see her learning right before your eyes. And just as you get used to your routine, wham, she switches it up because she's either growing, or teething, or over stimulated, or god knows what!! It's fun and sometimes not so fun, lol.
We had a few hard days last week as Bugs teething worsened. She woke up screaming in the night some nights. She was tired but in too much pain to sleep, she was hungry but it hurt to suck. I felt badly for her. I didn't want to introduce her to medicine like Tylenol. But then my sister recommended Camilia which my cousin Fiona had recommended to her. Seriously this stuff is MAGICAL!!! It works so fast. It's a homoeopathic non-numbing pain reliever and there's no alcohol, sugar, coloring, flavoring or preservatives! They also have other products for colds, flus, and colic. Anyway, it's great that we got this stuff when we did because her drooling has gotten crazier, her gums are redder and her cheeks are a bit bigger and often rosey, she grabs her hair by her ear when she's in pain, and just cries. So, we are for sure on the journey to getting teeth...(my poor nipples, lol.)
She has been a rather chatty Cathy lately. I love talking to her when she babbles. She'll laugh at herself. I mean, she's hilarious, and she knows it! She also seems to yell at me sometimes. I try not to laugh, ya know, maybe I took too long getting to her for whatever reason (maybe I was in the bath) and she'll have a right go at me, lol.

She is well on her way to sitting up! I put a pillow behind her and she plays with her toys or her toes...which is something she has just discovered. As she reaches for her toes, she often loses her balance and starts to fall to one side...don't worry, I'm always there to catch her.
And her toys! About 3 weeks ago she started showing interest in her toys, but now she really interacts with them. This all such great news because I can sit there with her and crochet and talk to her while we listen to music as she independently plays and chews on her toys while occasionally chatting back to me.

Breastfeeding is a cinch now! We usually lay down so I have 2 free hands so I can read while she feeds, but of course sometimes we just chat. I was wondering how much she ate, so I quickly figured that in a 24 hour period she eats about 10 to 12 times and I think she takes about 4 or 5 ounces per feed, which means my body is most likely producing about 40 to 60 ounces of milk a day! Eeep! This whole experience has just made me really feel and understand that I am an animal, a mammal, and it's just incredible.
It's just this whole new level of love that I never knew existed until she got here...I honestly CAN'T imagine my life without her. My pal Andrea said it well when she was talking about her wee one (Willa is almost 2 months old.) She said, "Feels like I've always known her, like she's always been here." And yes, that's exactly how I feel too.


Christine (your sis) said...

I can't get over how big she is getting!! And she definatly loves to eat her hands lol. I can't wait to see you guys again :)

C.E. said...

This is such a beautiful ode to your baby. Won't itbe interesting when she is reading this in her teen angst phase when she feels like the whole world is against her? Hopefully this post and others will help remind her how much she is loved and has always been loved!

duck said...

I remember the moment the nurses put Isla on my tummy and in that instant I felt my entire earth shift on its axis. First words out of my mouth. "Ahhhhh, there you are. We were waiting for you." It feels like that. That your kids were these beings just waiting for the right time to pop (whirl) into your lives and that when they do, you knew their hearts already. You just needed them to land. Noooow I sound like I am a follower of L. Ron Hubbard and meet Tom Cruise at the local Scientology hang out, but you get my drift. Excellent post btw. Isla and Colin loved the videos.